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Church and State Essay

Church and State Essay Church and State Essay Katya Camacho July 2, 2013 HIS 204 Essay 1 Early Medieval Church and State The rulers of medieval time needed active support of the church, because during that period of time, there was chaos and the ruling elite had a hard time controlling the vast amount of land in the Western and Eastern sections of the Roman Empire. Due to the lack of control, the land was invaded over and over again my Germanic people. In order to keep control of the land and unify the people, Constantine legalized Christianity. The church gave great benefits to Constantine and the leaders to follow. For one, Christianity gained influence and attracted many people because it promised salvation for everyone, despite what their social status was or class. Christianity also helped transform the empire into a powerful and wealthy institution called Church. The Church was beneficial because it provided religious unity in a time where the political aspects of the empire were severely fragmented. The Church was also helpful to the rulers, because it helped to g et the alliance of the Germans and Celts. By adopting Christianity and the laws of the Church, the Germans and the Celts simply changed their traditional ways of life to reflect those of the Christian way of life. For example, they converted all of their old shrines into Christian churches. If the rulers did not have the support of the Church, then their empires might have never been united, and their political structure would have remained to be in ruins. Also, with out the active support from the church, they could have

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February Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

February Revolution - Essay Example 1917 saw two distinct Revolutions in Russia: the overthrow of the tsarist regime (February Revolution) and the coup by which the Bolsheviks took power (October Revolution). The causes of these two revolutions encompass Russia's political, social, and economic situation. Politically, the people of Russia resented the autocracy of Tsar Nicholas II. The losses that the Russians suffered during World War I further weakened Russia's view of Nicholas II (Lynch, 2000). Socially, tsarist Russia stood well behind the rest of Europe in its industry and farming, resulting in few opportunities for fair advancement on the part of peasants and industrial workers. Economically, widespread inflation in Russia contributed to the revolution. Nicholas himself helped propel instability into revolution in 1905 by the disastrous foreign policy he pursued in East Asia. Determined that Russia should not be left out in the scramble for colonial possessions, Nicholas embarked on an expansionist policy in Manchuria and Korea that led to war with Japan in 1904 (see Russo-Japanese War). Russia's defeat by Japan ruined the monarchy's prestige and led to the development of an opposition movement that for a time included almost all sectors of Russian society. In January 1905, in an event that became known as Bloody Sunday, unarmed crowds demanding radical constitutional and social reforms were shot down by the army near the emperor's palace in Saint Petersburg (see Russian Revolution of 1905). In the wake of this event, riots and demonstrations broke out throughout the country. Workers went on strike, soldiers mutinied, peasants attacked landlords, and students and members of the middle class demanded constitutional government and so cial reform. To appease opposition moderates and regain support for the regime, Nicholas was forced to promise a constitution in October 1905. Although he retained control over the executive branch and extensive legislative powers, wide-ranging civil rights, including freedom of speech and assembly, were promised, and an elected legislative assembly, the Duma, was created. But when the first two Dumas demanded parliamentary control over the government and the expropriation of noble land, Nicholas supported a drastic and unconstitutional limitation of the electoral law in June 1907. This allowed him to achieve a Duma with very few members of left-wing parties, which were the groups demanding the most radical reforms. Nicholas found it much easier to collaborate with the landowner-dominated Third and Fourth Dumas. Important military, educational, social insurance and, above all, agrarian reforms were enacted. Up to this time, peasant households had been allotted strips of land, but the land was collectively owned by village communes (Lynch, 2000). Under land reforms advanced by Prime Minister Stolypin, the peasants were allowed to claim ownership of their land and leave the communes. As in the previous decade, economic growth was spectacular. Class conflict in the towns remained acute, however, and the immediate result of Stolypin's agrarian reforms was, if anything, to increase the radicalism of most of the peasantry and their determination to seize all noble land if given the chance. The

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Conditioning and habit Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Conditioning and habit - Research Paper Example The responses that come up if practiced elaborately lead to habits which become subconscious responses elicited by an individual. There are many instances in our life where in we acquire so many new things. These experiences form a very important part of us and also determine to a very large extent how we analyze and assimilate the new information with the existing knowledge base that we have. Examples of such instances are a child learning a new language with a help of his grandmother, or perhaps a girl who has just started to ride on a two wheeled bicycle. Another example could be that students reacting with a particular response in presence of authority. All these instances tell us that we â€Å"learn† certain things and hence we acquire the knowledge that is coming our way to benefit us in the present or in the coming future. Michael and Modell (2003) define learning in their book Active Learning in Secondary and College Science Classrooms: A Working Model for Helping the Learner to Learn as a change in behavior that results from the learner’s interaction with the environment. There are some important things that have to be understood when we talk about learning. These form the basis for a concrete understanding about the concept at hand. All kinds of learning happen on the basis of the foundation made by already acquired skills and concepts. Whatever we come across, we take in the information as a raw data and then we incorporate the data into the concepts of the innate knowledge base that we have and learn new things. We can also illustrate another fact from the aforementioned premise that if the prior knowledge base is faulty, the acquisition and assimilation of the new concepts and schemata will be compromised. This leads to learning of information that is not accurate and taking into consideration all the aspects interplaying between the stimulus and the response (Fox, 2005). Of all the things we learn, we divide the whole information int o two definitive parts. These parts can be understood in terms of â€Å"what† we learn and â€Å"how† we learn. The process of acquiring both these concepts is also different. An example to illustrate this can be a preparation of Thai cuisine recipe. In this example, we note that there is a set particular group of ingredients to be used for the recipe to taste as it really should and it also entails a set particular way to make the dish. We need to learn the ingredients as well the way to go about mixing them together, differently in order to truly do justice to the cuisine at hand. The â€Å"what† of the learning phenomena is termed as declarative learning and the â€Å"how† are termed as procedural learning. Acquiring declarative knowledge entails a sound building of mental representations or models. These models form the crux for knowing the exact constitution of the things that make up a task and hence guides us with the way to perform the task in an effective manner. The manner with which the task is to accomplished has to be learned in standard way. This standard way is exactly the way which is reliable and valid. Therefore, to acquire such a standard process, practice is very important. This practice should be coupled with timely and appropriate feedback. By feedback, we actually mean that an appropriate response should be accompanied with every action that we perform (Jarvis, 2005). If the response is painful or aversive we tend to forget the

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The madding crowd Essay Example for Free

The madding crowd Essay What can I say about this book? For 474 pages worth, this was disappointing. Thomas Hardy must have known something I didnt, because this book didnt do anything for me. And I dont think it can do anything for you. Dont get me wrong, the plot is an original one- a woman being harassed and ogled at by her workers, and her associates. But it quite frankly bores me. Focusing the book on two main characters: Theres solemn Gabriel, the honest bachelor who seemed to do nothing but envy Troy for marrying his seemingly forbidden love, and the powerful temptress known as Bathsheba. Whats the point? They got together in the end. Focusing the story on the friendship between the two- from Gabriels ignorant proposal to the eventual marriage of the two. Hardy couldve saved us 474 pages, and said they were married. Because in the end, thats what it comes down to. All the side distractions like Boldwood, and Troy, were for nothing. The rustic characters disappeared halfway through the book, their full potential never reached. In fact, Ive just told you what happens, so why bother going to read it? And its a shame. Because in these sort of depressant books, you need humour to drag it from the darkest bowels of the reject bin. The only thing funny about this book was the poor attempts at a love story. Hardy was criticised by the public for his other work, and I think this is another of those poor books. Wheres the entertainment? The only interesting part was when Boldwood shot Troy. This is just a book of annoyance. The only thing I can congratulate Hardy on is his sexism. The portrayal of Bathsheba as some form of super-woman made me wonder if reading the book was actually the bright thing to do. After all, what proud man wants to read about some woman running a farm? Bossing everyone about, its inaccurate! Its just stupid! Sanity is restored (Sort of) when Troy marries Bathsheba, but even that is scarred by the womanisers hastiness in marrying the jezebel. All romances end at marriage quotes the Sergeant. Romance? There never was any romance! Lust is the key here. In my opinion, Troy just used Bathsheba to exploit her position. Marry her for her money. Get a nice discharge from the army, a farm, what could be better? Oh, more money. And the brilliance is, he has to take some money to help his ex-fianci! Who dies in the next chapter! With his child! Not the most tear-jerking moment in the book, though. That award goes to the last page, which makes you cry with delight that youve finally seen the end of this travesty. The lady of the house isnt too pleased at this, and their unhappy marriage comes to an abrupt halt when William Boldwood shoots Troy. And so Frank Troy ends. Shame really. He was the life and soul of the book. The last few chapters are indeed entertaining. Theres the suspense of wondering if Boldwoods going to be executed or not. Then, to the disappointment of the bloodthirsty readers in the world, he gets off lightly. Thats what the book is full of: letdowns. Hardys architectural knowledge allows some beautifully described chapters to salvage the novel in parts, but writers require the ability to keep that level of consistency in their writing to write a brilliant novel. And that is what the novel lacks. At certain times, dialogue isnt always at its best. The mental imagery of the scenes are breathtaking- thats what Hardys descriptions do for you. The dialogue, however, destroys that. Too vague. Too boring. Repartees, puns, wittiness is whats needed, especially in the case of the rustics, and these three examples are missing throughout the majority of the book. In novels, I hate repetition. Seeing the word said after every spoken word becomes tedious. Missing are the stated and voiced. Interesting ways to say said benefit books more than you would think. And thats what niggles away at the book. Said is like saying nice to describe things. Its simple, and very dull. It may be petty, but these petty things can improve the novel, and stop this review being so negative. Far From the Madding Crowd is anything but that. It belongs with the mad crowd. Sane people wouldnt pick it up. I wouldnt advise you to buy, or even contemplate reading this book. For the romanticists among us, its great. For the non-romantic types, steer clear of this novel. Youll just be saddened that you paid good money for the book. Why pay good money when you can read this review? Ive told you what happens. Learn by my mistakes. The enjoyment factor is crucial for this books survival, and, sadly, the factor is reading 0.

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Essay --

1. INTRODUCTION Recent years have witnessed a dramatic increase in our ability to collect data from various sensors, devices, in different formats, from independent or connected applications. This data ood has outpaced our capability to process, analyze, store and understand these datasets. Consider the Internet data. The web pages indexed by Google were around one million in 1998, but quickly reached 1 billion in 2000 and have already exceeded 1 trillion in 2008. This rapid expansions accelerated by the dramatic increase in acceptance of social networking applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, etc., that allow users to create contents freely and amplify the already huge Web volume. Furthermore, with mobile phones becoming the sensory gateway to get real-time data on people from different aspects, the vast amount of data that mobile carrier can potentially process to improve our daily life has significantly outpaced our past CDR (call data record)-based processing for billing purposes only. It can be foreseen that Internet of things applications will raise the scale of data to an unprecedented level. People and devices (from home code machines to cars, to buses, railway stations and airports) are all loosely connected. Trillions of such connected components will generate a huge data ocean, and valuable information must be discovered from the data to help improve quality of life and make our world a better place. For example, after we get up every morning, in order to optimize our commute time to work and complete the optimization before we arrive at once, the system needs to process information from trace, weather, construction, police activities to our calendar schedules, and perform deep optimization under the tight t... ...Data explains that in 2012, 23% (643 exabytes) of the digital universe would be useful for Big Data if tagged and analyzed. However, currently only 3% of the potentially useful data is tagged, and even less is analyzed. CONCLUSIONS Big Data is going to continue growing during the next years, and each data scientist will have to manage much more amount of data every year. This data is going to be more diverse, larger, and faster. We discussed in this paper some insights about the topic, and what we consider are the main concerns, and the main challenges for the future. Big Data is becoming the new Final Frontier for scientific data research and for business applications. We are at the beginning of a new era where Big Data mining will help us to discover knowledge that no one has discovered before. Everybody is warmly invited to participate in this intrepid journey.

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Impact of Illegal Immigrant Workers on the US Economy Essay

Illegal immigration is tightly woven into the fabric of the US economy. Its prevalence impacts all corners of the financial world, but affects the greatest impact on educational funding, healthcare expenditures and taxes. Illegal immigration tends to be viewed from extreme viewpoints in our country often influenced more by personal biases and political opinions than statistical facts. In reality, the positive and negative effects nearly neutralize each other and it has become a delicate balancing act for politicians to create and maintain a system that works to please both sides and retain economic stability. Illegal immigrants are defined as anyone who is not a US citizen and who is in the country in violation of our immigration laws; this could mean anyone who has entered the country undocumented or falsely documented, those with expired visas or any permanent resident who commits a crime after entry and remains after deportation orders. It is virtually impossible to report exactly how many illegal immigrants reside in the country since they deal with fears of deportation they don’t readily identify themselves, but the INS, Census Bureau, and US General Accounting office estimates put the number somewhere between 2 and 12 million. There is also likely fluctuation based on time of year depending on availability of agricultural work. Most of the illegal immigration debate over the last two decades has focused on Mexican immigrants and California has been used as a model for influencing regulations across the country. This is due to the fact that in the US those of Mexican origin account for over 54% of all illegal immigrants and that California houses over 40% of the illegal immigrant population. This is important to recognize because many of the arguments and proposed or passed laws with regards to this issue stem from the Mexican immigration dilemma in California. (Here is what I could recover- I can get it done by Sunday on the school computers if it will make your due date- I am so sorry again. . . I have been freaking out ‘cause of my computer and then I was stuck at work and couldn’t get to any computer all day yesterday.)

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British Airways Business Directions Free Essay Example, 1500 words

The company performed its activities referring to a bureaucratic structure with policies and procedures. However, in the last years it has been the reduction of its management levels and today the company has a formal structure with responsibilities that cover numerous positions in the company. The structure of British Airways is flat type and has one level of hierarchy. It segregates management from the bottom-line employees. The organization has separated positions in management into ten divisions with subordinates in each. These divisions are planning, investment and alliances, commerce, ground operation, engineering, flight operation, IT, finance, law and HR. Nowadays, the air transport industry is that huge and customer- oriented that is allows every individual to reach the most distant points on the global scale. Moreover, air transport is an essential factor for many other industries such as tourism and hi- technology (Button 2008). The second largest international airlines c ompany in the world that serve scheduled passenger carriage is British Airways. It is also the largest international scheduled airline in the United Kingdom that operates international and domestic carriage of freight and mail and the ancillary services. We will write a custom essay sample on British Airways Business Directions or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now With earnings of over eight billion pounds sterling, the company has the largest employee headcount in the United Kingdom with forty- two thousand people serving worldwide (Operating profits rise at British Airways owner 2014). It is necessary to mention that British Airways macro environment consists of numerous external factors that directly or indirectly put an impact on this business. If they are managed in an efficient way, they ensure the company a constant growth and a reliable future. However, the largest factor, the global economic conditions that are changeable, do not guarantee the company its constant growth, development and profitability. Instead, they may cause loss in profit and less number of customers as a result. British Airways offer its services to the customers across the globe operating individuals and business travelers.